Bar-tending "spirited" course, of course!

Minding the tipsy turvey business, a variety of skills in mixing drinks is taught under this course. Most of the instructions are practical where demonstrations are conducted. Bar Tending is one of the most dynamic, exciting and lucrative professions in the modern hospitality industry which includes amongst others fine dining restaurants, star hotels, resorts, night clubs, airports, pubs & bars.

Owing to exploding expansion in the hotel & hospitality industry, bar tenders are much sought after today. Job opportunities in this sector is growing by the day and the trained bar tenders can choose their place and pay packet.

There is at the moment a vacuum in the training and teaching establishments for bar tending. In order to overcome this shortcoming, IAMD, a leading hotel Management academy, has launched a three month course in Bar Tending. This course provides a thorough hands on training programme using an actual bar and bar equipment in a virtual bar tending atmosphere. Besides, honing the skills in mixology, classification of beverages the course equips the students in expertise in such exotic craft as flaring & flaming.

The syllabus for the 3 month course is as under:

  • Beverages & Classification
  • Mixology
  • Flair Bar Tending
  • Bar Operations
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Wines & Cigars
  • Types of Bars. Pubs & Night clubs
  • Glassware
  • Cocktails Mocktails